Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thousand Trails - Las Vegas, NV

Had a wonderful time in Las Vegas, our former home of 10 years.

During the time we were here, the phone company retiree luncheon was held, and we were able to attend. We got caught up with all of our friends.

Cathy's brother and his wife met us there for a long weekend. We tried sushi for the first time (not too bad). Visited Mt. Charleston and lunched in the lodge, toured Red Rock Canyon and Spring Mountain Ranch. Checked out some of the newer casinos.

Cathy and a friend went to the show "Jersey Boys", which is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It was great, with a lot of singing along!

Steve was thrilled that he was able to ride motorcycles with a friend for two days!
This Thousand Trails park is one of the more "urban" locations, so we aren't in trees.

Bakersfield, CA - Palm Resort

Stayed here just 2 days for cleaning and laundry, on our way to Las Vegas. Boring!

Lotus, CA - Ponderosa Resort

This is another Thousand Trails campsite. Although we have a pullthrough, we have no sewer hookup. Glad this is just a couple of days!

We took a tour of the California Capital Building, although Arnie was not in residence, a state trouper was guarding his door. Very cool building, they have resored the original building housing the state treasurer and the house and senate.

We went through the Sutters Mill Gold Rush park, drove through Placerville (not one single parking space!) and toured a local winery!

Redding, CA - Premier RV Resorts

This is still one of Steve's favorite resort families, with the daily paper and breakfast!
We went to a park where they were having a motorcycle rally, and also walked across the Sundial Bridge.

We toured Lassen Volcanic National Park, which is similar to Yellowstone, but younger (guess it didn't have as many wrinkles).

Steve went to the local museum where someone had loaned out his Star Wars memorabilia. There were storm troopers wandering around!

Alder Acres - Coos Bay, OR

We had a great time here! We drove up to Dexter to see our friends Julia and Mark. What a blast!! On our way to Dexter is an Elk Viewing Area, but only if you have binoculars. Mostly they were resting and we couldn't see much.

We visited several parks, including Shore Acres Park and Gardens, and the Golden and Silver Falls.

We could see the sea lions and seals out on the rocks from the Park viewing areas.

Saw a lot of stacked logs as we were driving around!

Cathy had the best time at the Wild Animal Safari/Petting Zoo! Got time with two tiger cubs, two black leopard cubs, a groundhog named Mr. Jiggles, a descented skunk, a baby possum, baby ferrets, and a coatamundi. What a rush!

South Beach, Oregon - Whaler's Rest

This is our first Thousand Trails campsite, and no pull throughs! Our site is way back in the woods, but is at a crossroads, so we were able to back in quite nicely. The beach is 100 yards away as the crow flies, but about a mile since we have to follow the road. Pretty windy and foggy, so Steve can't see the ocean as we are driving on the coast Highway. During these two days, we visited the Aquarium.