Thursday, March 1, 2012

2/1-2/5 Lake Casa Blanca International State Park, Laredo, TX

We weren't here for very long, but it is a very nice park.  We were able to tour the downtown, where we saw this great tiled building; and the old Fort Mcintosh, which is located on the college campus.

We went to Laredo's first ever beer fest, but were underwhelmed.  Steve lucked out though because someone gave him their drink tickets, so he tasted 22 beers instead of just 12!

On to Del Rio!

1/1-2/1 Isla Blanca State Park, South Padre Island, TX

We started off the year with a fireworks display.  We watched with Barb and family from their balcony.  Steve and Uncle George watched Nebraska lose their bowl game.  A bad mood prevailed!  Then we received a visit from Steve's cousin Lyle, wife Tammy, son with girlfriend, and Lyle's inlaws Jerry and Margaret.  We ate at an oyster bar and Steve tried the fresh oysters on the half shell.

Our afternoons were filled with sunsets like this one.

Took a trip to Laguna Atascosa, where we saw lots of birds last year; rewarded with only ONE bird, and not even an interesting one!  We saw more birds, including this little blue heron, at the birding center on the island!

Barb and Steve took in the Elvis Festival at Little Graceland again this year.

Cathy and Steve went to Brownsville to see the Gladys Porter Zoo.  We saw these two turtles trying to tip each other over, and we saw that this Joey didn't need to expend any energy while grazing!

Cathy even participated in the "Boozer" Ride with Steve and friends Bob & Pat and Loren & Carla.  We also went to an RV show in Mercedes, and then on to Mission to visit with Jerry and Margaret.

Steve participated in the fitness walk across the Causeway again, and attended the local music festival.  We visited the Sea Turtle Rescue center with Barb and tried to find some geocaches.  That was the big hit this year for Barb and Steve - geocaching! You will have to have them expain it to you if you are unfamiliar with it.

We were able to go on a Dolphin Watch again with Captain Scarlett and Rozzie the dog; and took Barb, Bob & Pat.  This was the day after our happy hour bacon fest at a local bar.

On to Laredo!