Sunday, January 4, 2015

5/11-5/27 - Sparks Marina RV Park, Sparks, NV

This park was recommended by John and Ann, as the park we wanted to go to in South Lake Tahoe had 7 inches of new snow!  Not quite ready for real winter camping!  While we were walking around, we saw a mama duck with ducklings in the pool.  The sides were too high for her to get out, so Cathy put a deck chair on the stairs, so they could climb out.  The folks in the office were talking about how that duck flew out of the pool to put that chair in so her ducklings could climb out!  Steve had to tell them it was not the duck!  They sure were disappointed.!

Cathy had an accident on Saturday, and ripped a big toenail.  She had to wait until Tuesday to see a podiatrist, who removed the nail and prescribed an antibiotic soak and cream.

Gram and the Bridegroom
Groom's brother, Jon, played guitar.
Unfortunately, she had to wear a big bandage when she flew to Chicago for a wedding of Nephew Joe and new wife Claudia!  It was a great trip, though and she got to see all the family.

The Bride, Claudia, and her Dad

Jon's wife, Rachael, officiated.

The Newlyweds, Joe and Claudia Lewis

Joe's Grandparents, Dick and Pat Lewis

The attendees: Bob, MaryBeth, Gram, Groom's Dad, Randy, Jon, Rachael, Gramp and Cathy.
Virginia City Hotel
State Capitol Building

When she got back, we went to tour Carson City and the Capitol building, as well as Virginia City, where Steve bought a tee shirt from the Bucket of Blood Saloon.

Another visit to the podiatrist to check on the toe, also brought another stub and the other big toenail had to go!  The Dr. said she better write it up well, or the insurance company would have too many questions!

We took a day to drive all the way around Lake Tahoe!  It is beach on one side and mountains on the other side.
From the Mountain side

The TeaHouse on the Island in the middle of the lake

From the Beach side.

 Had to take a trip to the Hard Rock while we were there.

Squaw Valley was also toured, and a Del Webb property in Reno.