Sunday, June 28, 2015

6/11-6/25 - Timothy Lake South, East Stroudsburg, PA

This is also a Thousand Trail Park, and is very nice.  We meet up with Ed and Peggy here, also and have some wonderful campfires!

Ed helps us by loaning us some tools to retrofit our bathroom floor, which has gotten saggy.  We also had his help installing a backup camera on our RV, so we can watch the motorcycle and trailer to make sure we still have them when we travel.

Steve also walks some of the Appalacian trail while he is here.  And we see the local falls.
on the trail
on the trail

Dingman Falls

We also had some issues with the motorcycle.  We picked up a nail somewhere, and Steve had to find someone to fix that, and then order a new tire.  That was also a fun adventure, not!

5/28-6/11 - Gettysburg Farm, Dover, PA

This is a Thousand Trail resort, and they have Baby Goats!!!!!!  There is a petting zoo every afternoon, and they have the goats, bunnies, sheep, llamas, cows, mules, etc.  What fun!!  Some of the goats still have umbilical cords and are very tiny!

We meet friends Ed and Peggy, who we just saw in Florida, and meet new friends Lorraine and Rich, who are camping right behind us.  On one of our first nights, Lorraine entertains us by playing her hammered dulcimer!  What a treat, she is really good.

We have a good time eating out and going to movies.  Our friends Dave and Pat also show up here, and we have dinner with them a couple of times.  We also eat dinner with friends Dot and Dennis, who we met on our Mediterranian Cruise last year.  It was fun to catch up.

Gettysburg Monument
While we were here, we went to see the Gettysburg Battlefield and the Eisenhower Farm, where Ike and Mamie retired.

Eisenhower farmhouse

Living room

We also went to Harrisburg to see the State Capitol and a Civil War Museum.
capitol building

also the capitol

civil war statue

not many Nebraskans in the war

We had many campfires and fun with friends!

5/1-5/28 - Cherry Hill Park, College Park, MD

Wow, this is a nice park.  It has everything, including a restaurant!  We took the time to go to the Tour Talk that is provided here.  It is conducted by a woman who man's the ticket counter during the day.  They have a bus that stops here to take you to the train station!  We bought our metro tickets from her and she had some good advice on what tours to do and where to go and how to get there.  It is a great perk of the park!

We spent the first couple of days on the Big Bus Tour.  We took the Blue line and Night Tour, then followed up with the Yellow and Green lines and the River Cruise.  We have found that we see what is out there and where it is in relation to everything else when we take these busses.  We do it in all the big cities we go to when we have the time.

Washington Monument
WWII Memorial
After a day off, we go to the National Mall to see all of the Monuments.  Yes, this takes the whole day!  We also saw the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the WWI Memorial and the MLK Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial
Cathy at Lincoln Memorial

FDR Memorial
Jefferson Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Elenor  Roosevelt

We took the next day to see the Arlington National Cemetary.  We took the bus tour, but were not able to see it all, as there were funerals being conducted in the newer portion.  We found out that the flag flies at half staff 1/2 hour before the first funeral of the day, until 1/2 hour after the last funeral.  Unfortunately, there are funerals here every day.
Full Military honors
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The older section

quite a house
We also took a trip to Mount Vernon.  Old George was quite the innovative farmer, designing a round barn for threshing grain by having horses walk all over it!  He also composted.  Quite an impressive place.

16 sided barn for threshing

We went to a small festival, called the Green Man, and toured aroung there.  Cathy flew to NE for her nephew Aaron' wedding.  While she was gone, Steve visited the Hirsch Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden, The museum of African Art, the Museum of the American Indian, and didn't take even one picture of anything!!!

reminds us of Dottie!
When Cathy returned, we  went to the Natural History Museum.

the Hope Diamond

an Aquamarine crystal

On the day we went to the Botanical Garden, the Rolling Thunder was parading through town.  (A large group of over 5000 motorcycles celebrating Memorial Day).  We also looked at the Sculpture Garden
remember using one??

not sure what this is

trumpet flower

metal tree

some of the motorcycles

T-Rex scull

Steve spent his birthday walking around the White House Grounds, watching the Memorial Day Parade, and wandering around the Air and Space Museum.

capitol dome
We both took a trip to Annapolis to see the State Capitol and the Naval Academy.  We toured the museum on the Academy grounds, too.

mast flagpole


On our last day, we toured the Capitol and the Library of Congress.

replica of statue on top of capitol

Library of Congress

Library Reading Room