Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8/15-8/22 Happy Holiday Resort, Rapid City, SD

This is kind of a cool park, not very close to town, but on the way to a lot of tourist places!   Steve spend most of one day at the Journey Museum, featuring the culture of the Black Hills.  Then we ventured across the highway to the Flying T Chuckwagon and show.  The food was passable (barely) but the show was good, and everyone got to pick a book out of the library.

One day we donated blood, then toured Hill City.  We took the 1880 train from Hill City to Keystone, and got to see wild turkeys with lots of chicks.  We stopped at the Prairie Berry Winery to sample wines with cool names like "Red Ass Rhubarb" and "Blue Suede Shoes".   Yuuuuuummmmy!

Steve took off to see a car show, which must not have been much, as he spent the day at the library and took a bike ride to Hart Ranch RV Park, which is down the road from us, and a private park.

We took a trek to the Badlands National Park, but stopped at Wall Drug first and had some lunch.  Steve even had 5cent coffee (eat your heart out, Dad!)  We also went to the only visitors center for the National Grasslands National Monument, and stopped at the Minuteman Missile National Monument.

On another day, Cathy dropped Steve and his bicycle off in Hill City, so he could ride the Mickelson Trail.  While he was riding, Cathy went to see the Jewel Cave National Monument.  She didn't go into the cave because the elevator was broken and she didn't feel like the 5 mile round trip that was the other way into and out of the cave.  She also saw some vultures sitting on fence posts all in a row.  Don't know what that was all about, but it looked weird.  After Cathy picked Steve up in Pringle (28 miles) they both went to the Wind Cave National Park and then drove home through Custer State Park.  Wow that road is winding and up and down, but very scenic!
saw this cool old Caddy at the parking lot of Wind Cave.
Some of the Wind Cave features

This was in Pringle, where Steve got off of the Mickelson Trail!

this Antelope was coming up to cars on the road!

Tomorrow we are off to Sioux Falls, SD.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

8/12-8/15 Mountain View RV Park, Sundance, WY

We took a tour of Sundance, which is where the Kid got his name, after staying in their jail!  We took our pictures with his statue.

We took a trip to see Devil's Tower, which was why we were there in the first place.  We saw some VERY FAT prairie dogs, too.

After that, we stopped at Cindy B's for a great sandwich and homemade PIE!!! YUM!!!

We had some extra time, and since it was cool, we cleaned out and organized the truck's storage areas.  A tough job, but we persevered!

8/9-8/12 Yellowstone River RV Park, Billings, MT

Steve had fun biking and touring museums whiled he was here.  We toured the Mott House Museum, which was fantastic!!  What a place!  It was built in 1902 for $105K at the time when an average house cost $3K.  The Mott's daughter lived in the house and most of the original furniture and wallpaper were still there!

We had lunch on the river at Two Moons Park, and met a lot of dogs!

We ate dinner at the Elks Club, and listened to the entertainment and the lady that runs the place.  She seems to have done wonders for the members there.

8/6-8/9 Lincoln Road RV Park, Helena, MT

We started right off with a tour of the State Capitol Building!

If you are in Helena, be sure to take the Last Chance Tour Train, which takes you on a tour of the Mansion District, the Cathedral, the old and new Governor's Mansion, and other treats!

The Cathedral was beautiful!  And so was the former Governor's Mansion.

We had dinner at "The Windbag" with Sandie and Jim, who are friends with Paul and Mary, our mentors.  We had good food and really good ice cream!


Last Chance Gulch is a pedestrian mall with some really unique art and shops.  Be sure to go there!

Friday, August 10, 2012

7/30-8/6 Eagle Nest RV Resort, Polson, MT

This is our second visit and it is much COOLER here!!!

We traveled to Missoula for the day.  We ate breakfast at the Shack (Great food and highly recommended!) and visited with our attorney, Duncan, at Bennett Law Office (Steve got to sit in John's vintage auto).

We saw the carousel, and there was dancing and music in the park.  This little girl was having a great time!

Steve toured the Smoke Jumpers museum, and got to see the plane they take to the fires.

Steve toured the beautiful university campus, and then we toured the St. Ignatius Church and Mission.

We visited Glacier National Park again, and took the bus on Going to the Sun Road.  After the park, we visited with Al and Karla in Hungry Horse.  Had a great dinner and talk.

Steve toured Kalispel (boat show and car show).  Then he went to Whitefish to the ski slope.

We sprung a HUGE leak when the water main valve broke off.  Al and Karla came for a visit, and Al's 30 years of RV experience was a great help in fixing it!!!  Since we ordered new furniture anyway, we let Karla and Al take our recliners with them when they went home.  Dottie wonders where she will sleep now?!?

7/26-7/30 Lewis & Clark RV Park, Shelby, MT

On the way to Shelby, we stopped in Malta at the dinosaur museum.  They have one of the few dinos that still has skin left on it!

Steve toured Shelby and the library.  He also traveled to Cut Bank to the Lewis & Clark festival.  He says the festival wasn't much but he did get to have beer, popcorn and ice cream.  He also saw some interesting old machinery.

7/23-7/26 Cottonwood Inn & RV Park, Glasgow, MT

Interesting place...both a motel and RV park.  Not a whole lot to do here, though.  The campground/motel is between the John Deere dealer, and the Case/International dealer.  Of course, the best TV channel that came in was the Cattle Auction Channel!!!

Steve did visit Fort Peck, and the Valley County Pioneer Museum.

He was intrigued by these small campers: