Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Buckhorn Lake Resort - Kerrville, TX

At last to our destination for the next week! Got a pull through site on a cement slab, with plenty of parking for the truck. Met our friends Mary and Paul, and made new friends, John and Sandy. Had a great Mexican dinner at Mamacitas the first night in.

This is a very social park and we participated in 2 community dinners, a social hour where someone furnished "Tom and Jerrys" (MMMMM GOOD), and a potluck on Christmas. Steve took a trip with the group to a State Natural Area called Enchanted Rock. One day we went to lunch in nearby Bourne, and a place called the Dodging Duck Brewhause, where we met more RV friends!

On Christmas Eve, we hosted our small group to eggnog and a gift exchange. Even the pets got gifts!

By the way, we found out that the furnace isn't fixed!

Merry Christmas to all!

Bay Landing Park - Bridgeport, TX

This is a Thousand Trails park, and boy is the drive from the gate a long one. We drove all around the lake to get to the campsites, and when we got there, they were on the grass. Cathy backed in again, and we stayed just for the night.

Oklahoma City, OK - Twin Fountains RV Park

This is a really nice park, and we will have to return here, but for now, we just stayed one night. So far, the heater is working, which is a good thing, as it is rather cold out.

Chanute, KS - Part 2

Came back to Chanute on Monday, toured the new RV with the service department in the afternoon, and started the transfer of mucho stuff! Fortunately, NuWa put both the RVs into their service department so we could transfer in the warmth. We got quite a bit moved over, then on to the motel for some rest.

Tuesday morning we filled out all of the paperwork and wrote a check, then back to the service area to try to finish with the unloading/loading. Steve says there was stuff stashed EVERYWHERE! Really, what did he expect. Will be a chore to find new homes for everything.

Tuesday night was also spent in the motel, as we had not quite finished with our project. Wednesday nite was spent in the new RV in the Chanute campground. Cathy actually backed into the RV site, and was successful in getting us close enough for all the hookups! YEAH! Unfortunately, the furnace stopped during the night.

Thursday morning we were back to the shop and hopefully a fix. Thursday night back at the campground and the problem seemed to be fixed. Cross your fingers.

By the way, here is a photo of our new cat, Dottie.