Thursday, October 15, 2015

10/9-10/14 Red's Twilight on the Erie RV Resort, Macedon, NY

10/2-10/9 North Beach, Burlington, VT

This is a very cool city campground on the lake.  We came to see Steve's "Big Ride" friend Bob and his wife Gail, and we also met some great neighbors, the Kolbs, who also have a Can-Am bike.

We had dinner with Bob and Gail, both at the Waterworks restaurant, but at their beautiful farmhouse!! It was great to catch up, and get the "insiders view" of what to see.
beautiful colors
We took their advice, and toured Shelbourne Farms, which was partly built with Vanderbilt money, so it was big!  We had such a good time on the tour, that we came back the next day for a more in-depth look-see.
the barn

the cheese room

in the education center

the Inn

the Inn

back view of the Inn

Side view of the Inn

This is such a great place to visit!  We ate lunch in the barnyard the second day.  They grow all of the ingredients on the farm,
"Nathan" chicken - view one
"Nathan " chicken - view two

chickens are all heading into the barn

View fon Sheeps hill

Inn on the Lake Champlaign

Cathy grooms the donkeys


Huge hogs

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We took a side ride to Ben and Jerrys to see how ice cream is made and we got samples!!!!

We also toured Scenic Highway 108, and we saw some pretty colors and architecture!

We stopped at a falls during one of our travels.  We also took in the Shelbourne Museum, which is a collection of many buildings with different collections, started by one of the Vanderbilt cousins.
Moss Glen Falls

Beautiful Colot!!

Ticonderoga Side Wheeler

Ticonderoga dining room

Top of one of the buildings

Steve in the Jail

One of the beautiful art quilts

a lighthouse

outdoor couch

Ticonderoga side view

Three story round barn,  entrances on each level

We also visited the State Capital Building, of course!!

what a door!!!

the prettiest color we saw!

9/29-10/2 Mountain Lake Campground, Lancaster, NH

This is a little private campground that overlooks a beautiful valley and lake.  However, it was raining when we got here, and during the next day.  Cathy's cousin Joan and her husband, Michael came for lunch the next day, and we had a great talk.  Joan and Michael have been discussing full timing, and had lots of questions.  That evening we had a great fire with the neighbors and left the next morning.

8/29-9/29 Narrows Too, Trenton, ME

This is an Encore/Thousand Trails park right on the water.  Although our campsite isn't on the water, we can walk down during low tide to see all the muck whenever we want.  Then when the tide comes in, we can't see any of the boulders we could see 12 hours earlier.  What a difference!
Bar Harbor city park

We drove through Acadia National Park, which is just across the bridge from us, on Mount Desert Island.  Bar Harbor is a cute village on the Island.
cruise ship heading to Bar Harbor

Fair Produce
Sheep Dog Trials
Truck pull

We took a trip to the Blue Hill Fair, where we were able to see the truck/tractor pull (very loud and smoggy), the sheep dog trials, and the skillet toss.  Cathy really should have entered the skillet toss, which measured length but deducted the distance from the straight line.  The sheep dog trials were very interesting, and really tested the dogs.  The sheep had never worked with a dog before, and were very belligerant and nasty.  One puppy just dropped and peed.  Several of the sheep made an escape under the fence, and many people spent time herding them back.  One of the dogs bit the wool and hung on, but lost points for it.
Jacob Sheep - 4 horns!

Cathy flew to Omaha for niece Michaela's wedding to Vinson.  While she was visiting family, Steve met the neighbor, Chuck and rode bikes in Acadia for a week.

another carriage bridge
We took several trips around Acadia National Park, including Cadillac Mountain ( pink granite that the island is made from), Thunder Hole, and the Carriage roads.  The carriage roads are closed to motorized traffic, and were designed so that the rich could travel to each others vacation cottages without mixing with the riff raff.

carriage bridge

Cadillac Mountain

Sand beach

at the beach

Thunder Hole without the Thundering
Cadillac Mountain in the fog
Carriage horses

Anhinga drying wings

We also took a trip across the bay to Schoodic Penninsula, which is also part of the National Park, but newer.
Too True!!!!

View toward the mainland


We took a trip on the Downeast Scenic Rail Road, which was just up the road.  We also spent some time with our RV neighbors, Chuck and Paula, eating lunch out, having fires, eating in, and watching the lunar eclipse.  As we were heading out, Paula made us pancakes for the road!!!
Heading Out!  (with pancakes!!)

One of our sunsets

Engine turning around.

Downeast RR

Lunar eclipse - early

Lunar eclipse - middle

Lunar eclipse - later