Sunday, May 25, 2014

5/7-5/11 - Rogue River RV Park, Shady Cove, OR

Some friends we haven't seen in awhile, John and Ann, emailed us and said "Redding is icky, come and see us!"  So here we are!  We had already been to Redding, so we decided to visit Oregon for a couple of days.  Not many pictures, as we spent most of our time eating and visiting!  It was great to catch up and just rest from "touristing" for awhile!

4/30-5/7 - Village Camper Inn, Crescent City, CA

If you want to see redwood, this is the place.  The combined National and State Park visitor center is located here, and there are coastal redwoods from here, south down the coast to Big Lagoon!

view from the lighthouse
the lighthouse
We first took a tour of the local lighthouse, which is only open to visitors during low tide!  You have to walk across to it, and we learned about this from a couple in our campground who are the docents this month.  They have a waiting list for the lighthouse keeper job!

This is the Cathedral Tree.  Mom died, but the clones live on.
Redwoods are taaaaaallll!
We also took a trip to Klamath, to the Trees of Mystery.  They have a very extensive Native American Museum in the visitor center here.

Steve found a restaurant with soup in sourdough bread bowls!  The dock outside the restaurant was a favorite sleeping place for sea lions!

We took a couple of days to explore the redwoods; from Jedediah Smith State Park in the North to Elk Valley in the South.
Even rotted in the middle, the tree is still alive.

Steve by a downed tree

Nap Time!

Elk Valley

Top of the tree

Bottom of the tree.

Middle of the tree

4/23-4/30 - Duncan's Mills Camping Club, Duncan's Mills, CA

this one tells the way to the beach
Just one of the cool tree carvings in the park
This is a really cool private park in a teeeeeeeeny tiiiiiny town!  But the place has very cool shops, which Cathy visited several times.

Sea Lions napping on the Russian River 
We took a seashore drive, and went to the Bodega Bay Festival (where Hitchcock's "The Birds" was filmed), and then through one of the Redwood State Parks.

Russian River outlet to the Pacific Ocean  
We also took a tour of the Korbel winery, where they make champagne!  Very cool place and learned a lot!  Also had to take home a 6 pack!
This is actually one redwood tree; Mama in the middle with her clones around her.

4/16-4/23- Bass Lake RV Resort, Bass Lake, CA

This is a cool little park near 3 National Parks!  We toured Yosemite one day, but didn't get to see the whole park, as the northern end road was still snowed in!
Still Snow!

Fab Waterfall!

Just one of the many large trees!

We took another day to see Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, as they are connected to each other.
inside a Giant Sequoia!

One of the named trees

Not as tall as the redwoods.
still alive with fire damage
not sure who the people are, but it gives you an idea of the girth of the tree
sequoia are very large around!

After our National Park tours, we take a day at the library to download new GPS maps and a new "Low Clearance" list!  Then off to dinner at a wonderful Mexican Restaurant, El Cid.

4/9-4/16 - Rancho Oso Thousand Trails Park, Santa Barbara, CA

In Solvang
Cachuma Lake Docks
We had a great time touring here.  One day we visited the Scandinavian inspired town of Solvang.  We also took a look at Cachuma Lake, which has been way down for awhile.  Also took in the sights at Refugio State Beach.

Refugio State Beach
Beach visitor
Ventura Beach Surf
 We also visited Ventura while we were close.

Iris at the Mission

Santa Barbara Mission

We also were able to visit the old Santa Barbara Mission, the very cool courthouse, and the Ty Warner Sea Center on Stearns Wharf.

Ficus Tree at the Courthouse


Cathy pets a shark at the Sea Center!

Friday, May 9, 2014

4/2-4/9 - Soledad Canyon RV Resort, Acton, CA

This is a nice park, but far away from everything!

One day we took a trip to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  It was beautiful and very moving.  He was the president when we got married, and we both remember him.
official portrait

part of the Berlin Wall

His Resting Place

We also took a day to tour the J. Paul Getty Museum.  They were having an Ansel Adams retrospective, and we wanted to see that especially.  I know we took photos of the place, but seem to have misplaced them.  I will post pictures when I find them.

Steve took a hike in a place called Vasquez Rocks.  Guess what these pictures are???!!!??? Yep, Rocks.