Wednesday, October 2, 2013

9/22-9/29 - Thousand Trails, Wilmington, OH

This is a Thousand Trails park with a lot of permanent sites, but we manage to find a good spot!

One day we take a tour of the National Museum of the United States Air Force.  What a place!  It is huge, and also has an outdoor Memorial Park and lots of stuff to look at.  Steve reads slow, so he take a long time to finish, and they have to chase him out the door at closing time!  While we were there, we watched a film of Aerial Dogfighting that was filmed at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.  Just like old times.

the first all-metal plane

early aviation wheel
 This museum had a lot of info on the Wright brothers, who lived in Dayton while they were developing their aviation business!
doesn't look to aerodynamic!

On another day, we toured the State Capitol building and the Hopewell Culture National Historic Park.
Ohio State Capitol Building
In front of one of the Hopewell mounds.

Med Clinic built in bench
We were able to tour the Westcott House, another Frank LW home that has been renovated.  We also looked at the Medical Clinic in Dayton, that he designed!  Also toured the Dayton Aviation Historical Park, which included the Wright brothers bike shop.  Watched movies (recreations) of them trying to fly in a big field outside of Dayton.  Cool!
Medical Clinic

Med clinic fireplace

Westcott House

Wright brothers printing press

9/15-9/22 - Kenisee Lake RV Resort, Jefferson, OK

We are in another Thousand Trails park.  Lots of permanent sites here, but we found a good one!

We go to Canton for the day and look at 3 Frank Lloyd Wright homes, the First Ladies National Historic Site, the McKinley Library and Museum, and finish when Steve tours the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  What a day!
First Ladies NHP

McKinley memorial

Steve aspires to play!
The next day we tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and realize our camera isn't charged.  (Sorry, no pictures).  Cathy enjoys the films of the inductees and Steve likes the neat stuff that has been collected.  This is Hard Rock Cafe on steroids!  After the tour, we go see two more Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the area.

Then we tour the Garfield National Historic Site, see a Frank LW home and have lunch at the Hard Rock in Cleveland.

Last touring spot is the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  We can hardly find the visitors center, and when we do, it is closed for renovation.  Oh well.

9/10-9/15 - Lazy Lakes, Ransomville, NY

We are in an ROD park near Niagara Falls. Not a bad park for a few days.

One day becomes a Frank Lloyd Wright day, as we toured 2 homes and looked at the outside of 2 others.
Greycliff Estate

Martin Complex

We also get a good look at Niagara, Horseshoe, and Bridal Veil Falls!
what power!

Steve in the mist!

All 3 falls from the bridge to Canada.

9/1-9/10 - Camp Prendergast, Mayville, NY

We have finally arrived in the Wedding location!  Cathy's nephew, Jon, is getting married on Sunday at the Chautauqua Institution, in the Miller Park.  We can't wait to see everyone!

We spend a day touring the Institution grounds.  What a beautiful place!  The season is over for the year, so most of the place is empty, but it must be something when it is full.
this is the hotel - reception location

one of the beautiful homes here

some of the hydrangeas!
We toured a winery that overlooks Lake Erie, and had wine slushies!  Highly recommended for good reason!

Finally, on Friday, everyone in Cathy's family had arrived, including brother Randy, all the way from England!  Rehearsal dinner on Saturday nite, and wedding and reception on Sunday.  
First kiss as married folk!
Everyone leaves us on Monday, and we head out on Tuesday.